Healthcare Digital & Training

opr health in association with our DI Team of local Specialists have the insights and advice on how to best manage and train on what is a complex area of communication.

In the area of healthcare the challenges to both effectively target and respond to online discussion is one that requires special consideration. We are the only agency that has provided our tailored healthcare-specific training program for the local market.

opr health offers four training modules, which can be tailored for your organisation:

360 Digital Influence

Module 1.

Healthcare Digital influence 101 – an overview of the current social media landscape and trends, including code and regulatory considerations, which can be tailored to all levels within the company

Module 2.

Listening & Trends: What are the Next Trends and Hot Cases in Social Media and How to Know Where You Stand Within the Australian Space on all healthcare matters

Module 3.

Reputation Management and Engagement: Applying Best Practice approaches for healthcare Digital Public Affairs

Module 4.

Integrating new and old media across information platforms and audiences

These modules provide valuable insights and guidance to the protocols, rules and regulators that govern this challenging area of communication.

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